Got knits?

After my little hopeless knitter moment of 30 minutes ago, I took a moment to woosah and sat back down.

I found a different tutorial, it seems she who demonstrated the slip knot, was not so great at describing the knit stitch! Time to knit stitch away!!

I am starting to feel a bit more confident, and albeit slow, I steadily get a few rows completed.


Knot bad!

Yay. Progress.

I have to work towards a blanket with this, so luck is definitely needed. I am 4 rows in and there’s still what looks like a whole ball of yarn. Wool damnit!! Wool!!! This is a timely task.


The first obstacle of knit stitch take 2, Big Cat. She has become intrigued about what I’m doing… Does she play with the wool?
No. No, that would be too obvious for Big Cat.

Big Cat: AKA Katniss. She is bipolar kitty. Cute as fuck one minute, says hello to you every morning, every time you come home. But she is inquisitive as fuck. As you are about to learn…. Not to self, organise biographies for the cats…. What #notacatlady

Straight to the knitting needles. “Wow these knitting needles are a great toy.”

Stupid cat.

Of course, there is a video of said cat disruptions, and disappointingly, as per usual, she doesn’t play up as bad for the camera. Still, is funny.

I know that in time I will get much better at this, I AM going to knit a blanket, but so far I have dropped stitches 1 row, gained stitches another row, started knitting with the end (start) of the wool (epic fuck up right there) and knitted several half threads. BUT I’m enjoying it. It’s mindful. If nothing else, I’ve found a nice mindful activity to escape the humdrum of every day life and bring my self to centre and quiet. It’s obviously working, I am yet to throw 1 tantrum!

McNerry: 1
Knitting: 0

I got this!

Just to note, I am over the fucking moon that these needles I’ve purchased, the epic pearly purple plastic ones, do NOT make the tap tap tap taptap tap taptap noise of knitting needles past. I am ecstatic because I CAN NOT, I repeat, CAN NOT stand the repetitive little noises of anything. Tolerance level: 0. This is not a drill, I have no tolerance for certain noises, some are eating related, but that’s a different story! Happy camper.

There’s going to be A LOT more where this came from. Be excited, be very excited.

Until next time xx

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