See the list

The following introduction must be sung in tune to “Be our guest” from Beauty and the Beast. Thank you.

Ma chere Mademoiselle….it is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that I welcome you tonight. And now I invite you to relax, let us pull up a chair as Yours truly here proudly presents –
30 before thirty!!
See the list! See the list!
Sure as hell cannot be missed.
Glass of wine in hand and read with me
Oh yes, I do insist!

Seeeeeeeeeee theeeeeeee LIST, see the list! Oui, the list.

It just isn’t the same without the tune. No?

Now that that is sorted, I hope you’ve got that glass of wine! I sure do.


*chin chin*

In case it is unclear by the three words governing the subtitle of the blog, there are 30 items on a list, a bucket list per Se, and I am to complete said list by my thirtieth birthday in 2017, August 2017.

Right now I present to you, the 30 things. There is a range of eating challenges, personal development, learning new things and certainly the few high adrenaline activities. There is also a bit of giving back in to the community.

Now considering I gave myself a one month deadline to have the blog on air, I am down to 11 months for a lot of these things… Best get moving!

Many are easy, many are hard, many are expensive, many are outside of the 20km radius from my house…. Some are inexpensive, however not even located in Western Australia. If you catch my drift, some of these will be a challenge. But as all driven and determined people do, in the words of Barney Stinson, I say “Challenge accepted”.

Everybody, it’s the list, it’s the liiiiiiiiiiist:

1 Try archery COMPLETE 

2 Fremantle prison tunnels tour COMPLETE

3 Skinny dip in public COMPLETE

4 Eat crickets COMPLETE

5 Eat a sea urchin COMPLETE

6 Recreate Hollywood love scene* COMPLETE

7 Get a tattoo PLANNED

8 Stand up paddle board COMPLETE

9 Begin to write a book IN PROGRESS

10 Learn to sail COMPLETE with more than one ATTEMPT

11 Host a 5 course dinner party COMPLETE

12 Aerobatic plane ride COMPLETE

13 Volunteer for something close to my heart* COMPLETE


15 Phat biking in Margaret River* COMPLETE

16 Learn to knit* COMPLETE 1 / 2

17 Keep a weekly personal pride/positivity journal* IN PROGRESS read

18 Ferrari hot laps* COMPLETE – (EDIT: V8 supercars)

19 Swim with Whale sharks COMPLETE*

20 Go to Gnomesville COMPLETE

21 Hot air ballooning COMPLETE

22 Go to Waterbom park COMPLETE

23 Do a course for personal interest/development COMPLETE

24 Write and perform a stand up comedy gig* RESEARCH

25 Climb Gloucester Tree in Pemberton* COMPLETE

26 Online language course* COMPLETE

27 Sky diving* COMPLETE

28 Trip to wave rock* COMPLETE

29 Go to Luke Nguyen’s “Red Lantern” in Sydney COMPLETE

30 Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin walk STARTED / completed 1/3

I am deliberately not going to go in to in depth details about each of these activities right now. Trust me, there is going to plenty more where all of these came from! I’ve got 11 months to talk a lot of shit about the above mentioned 30 things. I will however clear up that those activities marked with an asterisk (this little guy *), have been put on the list by someone close to me. I asked several people if they wanted to contribute, and those are their contributions.

Welcome to my journey. It’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Now while you’re enjoying that wine, I have got a bucket list to attend to!!!


3 thoughts on “See the list

  1. HamDog says:

    Had to see what was on the list.
    I think the curious item on the list is the Fremantle prison tunnel tours cause you live in Perth. Yet, I can’t say much, cause I haven’t done that either.
    Go get em tiger.

    This is the day your dreams come true.


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