Live from the highway

With every mini bucket list, comes many a short adventures. Well. It’s my fucking bucket list. It comes with it what I wish! Ha!

Enter: adventure 1!

It’s day two of a week long Western Australian journey. Well, part there of.

I am sitting in the passenger seat of my own car, gazing at the open road (well when I’m not writing my ass off), a sexy man to my right, the red dirt and rugged landscape of West Australia’s Gascoyne to my left. A random Spotify road trip playlist interrupting our singing. Life is good. Oh, life is a highway. (I should’ve bet on this song being on the damn playlist! I had to go and bet that American Pie would play… Oh Don, you better have made the cut, if it is Madonna’s version I will self declare a loss. Terrible song).

We’re headed for Denham. A town up in Shark Bay. I don’t know if there’s sharks there. Probably, this is Australia.

There’s a few chances to knock some items off the list this trip. Bring it the fuck on!

I am going to make a big statement and declare 3 things get the big fat tick this week! Solid start if you ask me.

That’s the thing with the list as it is; there is a few activities that get instant gratification, instant big fat tick…. There are many that will take the hard yards of time to get through! All of which I make a start on soon, but don’t see achievement for months, if not until the end of the year as I know it!

Some of that instant gratification would be fuckin excellent thanks!

I’ll keep ya posted.

Watch this space, important facts, like whether American Pie (Don McLean) graced our ears throughout the journey.

Bye for now xx

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