Erin Everdeen…..





One road trip.

3 big ticks.

27 before thirty.

It was getting to a point where I didn’t think I was going to get 3 things accomplished. Pretty disheartening, I don’t like not completing what I’ve said I would.

The final stop on our little road trip, an overnight in Dongara. Not too far from Perth, making the last drive home a fairly simple one!

Originally, I imagined going sailing. A little surfcat, the calm river of Kalbarri and it’s done! Learn to sail.

Well… Calm river? Not so much. It was windy as fuck for the two nights we spent in Kalbarri. Old mate who ran the boat hire didn’t recommend first timers out on the river with that kind of wind. And here I was thinking the sailing was in the bag!!

Maybe the next day would be better….. No. Windier. A storm the night before. Boo-urns.

No sailing in Kalbarri. Onward bound to a little town further south, Dongara.

Now, there’s not a huge amount to do in Dongara. We pretty much settled in with a couple bottles of wine, great company and a slight stagger to the tavern for a meal! Oh, and a room with an excellent beach view, thank you very much.

There may not be much to do there, but what we did learn from the pub stagger? There’s an archery course… That’s on the list!! Try archery is on the list.!!

Open weekends, school holidays and public holidays….
Today is neither of those things.

Sometimes in life, you’ve just got to try your luck, especially when there is my integrity and a good head start on ‘the list’ at stake!

The following morning I turned on all my charm, put my sweetest voice on and dialled…

“Oh really, so you are only open weekends? I see here it says that you are open other days by arrangement? I guess today must be too short a notice if we wanted to come in today?”

“Oh really, so 12:15 would be OK? No, that’s great, thank you so much.”

High. Fucking. Five.

I could charm the socks off an Eskimo. That’s the saying isn’t it? No? Anyway…

We rocked up at 12:13, because, you know, punctuality.

Get ready big black marker, number 3 is gonna get ticked!!

Nice bush setting, 11 targets, real bows, real arrows. Comfortable confidence.

The practice run is interesting.

This might be a park designed for families and children, but wow these bows are proper and awkward to hold and these arrows certainly would make their way through the instructors torso if I accidentally let go whilst loading the bow.* Note to self: stop aiming the damn bow in the direction of people when loading the damn thing!

Archery is tricky.

Holding the bow stable, trickier.

Hitting the target… Trickiest.

Well, my first 3 attempts all hit the dirt. 0/3. The owner who was taking us through the practice was most definitely thinking “this city chick is going to spend all the day digging out her arrows .” At that stage, so did I Mr. owner man.

I manage to whip my arm with the string more times than I am proud to say. It fucking hurts. It fucking welts. I reckon it will fucking bruise. Thankfully, by the half way mark, I learn my lesson and alter my grip.

Thankfully, also, I find a happy stance. The way old mate running the place showed me made me feel like I was going to snap my forearm on release. I am the kind of person that holds my pen funny, I tie my shoelaces funny and so why on earth would I hold my arrow loaded bow the correct way? Exactly.

11 targets.

Within the first few, I am getting a lot better. I figured I would still get my ass kicked scoring wise, but it became fun once I started at least hitting the hay bale! Thankfully we made the hay bale 1 point if you hit it, otherwise I’d have been on no score for a loooooong time!

Just like actually being able to play archery today was lucky, surprisingly, so was the outcome!

Winner winner!


I won bitches. Ooooohhhhh yeah I won! And not because I hit the hay bale more times than my partner in crime, because I actually started hitting the target quite accurately!


I do a pretty good spaz pose.


I am not going to sit here and claim that the Australian Olympic team should look outfor their fierce competition on the horizon, but hey, I wouldn’t wanna be up against me in the Hunger Games…… I might hit you in the leg with an arrow and you’ll bleed out to your sorry end! Ha!

Katniss Everdeen eat your heart out… (Nah, I smile way too much!)

6 days on the road and 3 bucket list items smashed away. Instant gratification for the win!

Only 27 more to go. Plenty of time!!

Hopefully more where this came from very soon!

Bye for now xx


*no torsos were harmed in the kicking ass of archery

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