Develop me

After an excellent week away of list ticking, and instant gratification, and drinking wine and driving (not at the same time), I figured it is now time to start putting in some of the harder yards of planning and organising some of the trickier bucket list items.

Sigh. I know. Boring.

Boring is probably the wrong way to look at it. Just slightly less gratifying.


Sorry. Got carried away.

One of the longer term items on the list is to do a course for personal interest or personal development. Just to completely confuse the situation, I have a very vast list of topics of interest. Let me share it with you! May as well tell you why each of them end up getting vetoed too.

  1. quantum physics – yes. Quite the pearler. I am strangely interested in the study of matter and energy and really just want to know more than what I currently do (very little). I searched for courses relating to quantum physics/mechanics and well, it pretty much sent me to University.
    Problem 1: aint nobody got time for that!
    Problem 2: won’t finished it before August 13 2017.
    Problem 3: I have a curious interest in the subject, not a desire to be the next Isaac Newton! Even thought I don’t think he was a quantum physicist anyway. Looks like I should maybe just do a Year 12 students online tutoring for this one. Oh well.
  2. parapsychology – this is the study of paranormal activities and similar psychic phenomena which is excluded from conventional science. In a nutshell.  There are a few certificates in the subject, and it is quite interesting by the look… I guess I kind of thought it may be more around honing in to ones possible “parapsychology” perhaps, however it is more the proving of the existance… Albeit interesting, my tired brain saw the units in the certificate and it actually looked a bit scary… yes, scardy cat. Ghost chasing, out of body experiences… Love it, would love to do it, probably will one day! Now is not the time.
  3. mental health course – not really entirely sure I have vetoed this. I am so intrigued by the human brain and our minds capabilities and obstacles that I would love to learn more and more. I will. The only reason this was vetoed, for now, is because I had a niggling feeling that I should do another particular course for me, and then a good 3 or 4 people close to me, who enjoy my writing and read it religiously, also suggested the same idea once they became familiar with “The list”. So this was vetoed because of the list, and I guess, my future life and career aspirations……DRUMROLL……
  4. complete one ore many courses to develop my writing skills – the bucket list item which keeps on giving. yes, that’s right, I love this writing business quite a bit, only really came in to it in the last year, and although I feel like I have developed a “voice” in what I do, I am never so arrogant to say I can’t learn more or grow my skills. I’d love to write for a living one day and so here is the first baby steps in possibly setting that up. It should definitely help me make some decisions about my writing, moving forward. How do I want to write? Where do I want to write? Who for? What about? Blah blah blah blah blah etc.

Step one is taken.

I have enrolled initially in a 5 week online writing course in creative writing, with the intention of moving in to 2/3 more throughout the next year or so! It’s exciting. Every week my goals and excitement, drive and passion around the idea of turning my new dreams in to a reality are leaping me forward.

Not only does this little intro bucket list change my life and open my horizons personally, it is already opening up my mind to just what I want and hope for out of my life.

Another bonus? Ha! It’s on the list too!!!

I have now begun the item: Do a course for personal interest/development.


I have never felt more driven since starting this damn list!

Well, I’m a busy, blogging, working, [now] studying, social little bee here, so I best be getting back to some other productive stuff!

Au Revoir xx

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