The challenge series

I have been racking my brain for ways to not only fill the gap between amazing 30 before thirty experiences, but to keep the crowds entertained. Yes, you. Well, and me. Gotta keep number 1 entertained too.

I also need material to write in between all of the smashing of bucket lists.

I am a pretty goals driven person, tend to achieve things 10 fold when I have a list, a goal, something to beat. Yes, this whole damn list is a big giant goal and list and a way to push myself in to some things, but there is still these big voids in between items which I want to fill… Fortnightly (approximately) big fat list ticks is just. not. often. enough.

I want more challenge.

Need more of a challenge.

Real personal challenges. Things that I look at and go “Ah, fuck no, I can’t do that”. Out of comfort zones. Trying new things. Testing myself.

Over the years, I have seen something, an idea, and often thought, “I’d like to do that one day”, “I’d like to try that one day”, Wow, that looks cool, I can be a clean-a-holic just as long as I own that incredibly expensive cleaning device”!

There once was a time when that actually occurred. I bought a cordless Dyson vacuum cleaner. It was going to solve all of the worlds problems, as well as 2+2 all at once! There were no more cords. No more tantrums when that fucking cord had no more reach. I would have the cleanest floors the Queen had ever seen! I’d do that floor everyday. It would only take 2 minutes a day. It was going to be amazing. That is… That is until, Erin happened. Erin ideas. Not all Erin ideas, but fleeting Erin ideas… The curse of the fleeting Erin idea struck and that very vacuum cleaner, now, spends 97% of it’s time carefully charging in the dock hanging on that laundry wall. It still takes tumbleweeds of cat fur to sweep across the house for me to drag that damn expense out of the laundry and clean.

No more fleeting Erin ideas.

It is now time.

I will fleet no more! I will wish no more. Those erratic and crazy ideas I have occasionally had will finally become reality!!!… Well, the ones that actually involve some self discipline and control, not just the “Oh my god, I HAVE TO try that new honeycomb Mars bar because I must taste all of the new chocolate bars”. Imagine the blog post that would go along with a ‘challenge’ as ridiculous as that!!!

It was a Friday evening. Work had tested me to my limits. The only words really flowing through my lips throughout the day a colourful assortment of “fucks” and “shits” and “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me’s”.

I sensed it before I saw it. Knew that my stomach’s desire would lead me to that sweet spot. I had first seen it yesterday, advertised whilst watching Gogglebox on TV. I knew I couldn’t wait any longer. It had to be mine.

Honeycomb Mars bar. We found each other.

Now truth be told, I’ve never tried one. Want to. Haven’t. Health kick. Blah! I actually just know how to ramble a heap of shit.

Wow, tangent.

Back on track…

I want to challenge myself more and more everyday and really see what self discipline I can train myself to have! Plus, it will be fun, interesting and hopefully excellent reading! I’ll challenge myself, go through with the challenge, possibly punish self if I mess up throughout the challenge, and write honest, interesting, excellently hilarious posts for everyone’s enjoyment!

You. Are.Welcome.

I know what you’re thinking: “She’s going to challenge herself to vacuum the floors every day isn’t she? Nutter.”

Incorrect. I have zero desire to clean said house every day.

Moving forward, my challenges will be posted after the fact, I imagine, I am simply winging this. But for now, I will reveal the first in what will become….


…..original name hey!

Here goes…

I am a multitasker from way back. I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t complete at least two other tasks whilst brushing my teeth. I am a scroller of Facebook when on the phone to someone. A cooker of dinner whilst vacuuming the floors.

I will do one task, and one task only** at a time, for the next [insert time frame here]. If I am on the phone, I am on the phone. If I am brushing my teeth, I am brushing my teeth and only gazing longingly in to my own eyes at the same time. Simple as that.

The first person to comment on this post with a time frame (must be between 7 days and 21 days) is how long I will do it for!

If there is a day which I have multitasked, that day is added on to the end of that time frame and it keeps on going until I am successful!

Wish me luck.


Oh, and I start Monday October 3!


*Note: above mentioned quote is the rambling of shit, not this entire blog.

**The only exception is my work. I multitask for a living, kinda gotta do that.

3 thoughts on “The challenge series

  1. Bree says:

    19 days!

    Oh and the honeycomb mars bar although tasty is nowhere near as good as the original. I still say they need to bring back the old school 80s milo bar!!


    • McNerry says:

      19 days it is!!
      Good to know. I can sleep easy knowing my life would be no fuller with a honeycomb mars bar in my belly, my thighs, however, would be.
      I’m a golden rough kinda girl. They don’t make them the same anymore!


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