For me, this 30 before thirty list and journey is more than putting a bunch of stuff on a list and doing crazy stuff for a year. Mind you, doing crazy shit for a year is excellent and fun and is definitely a part of the plan, it is only a small part of it though.

Anyone who has seen the thirty list (see ‘See the list‘) will have noted the series of personal growth items donning it.

I’ve touched on my course (see post here), added a Challenge series for shits and giggles along the way (hrmmm not so many of the giggles) and have a myriad of other long term deals to potter through before my thirtieth birthday (volunteering, learning a language, learning to knit (Thanks mum).

Well, there’s another one of these which I have been working on since day zero and I will be adding to every day until 365 have rolled around the block.

The original idea was given to me by a very close friend and was the first real self growth item to hit the list.

Keep a weekly journal and fill it with memories and things which have made you feel proud to be you.

We’re all a little guilty at times of getting a little negative focused and not really stopping to appreciate the great things about us and the great things in our lives!

“I was going to make it a daily journal but thought that might be a bit much” she said.

So from there I one upped her, edited her list item.

Keep a weekly journal and fill it with memories and things which have made you feel proud to be you and a daily gratitude journal.


Every day I must write down something I am grateful or thankful for. It’s quite the liberating process. You have to stop and reflect over your day and take a moment to be grateful for something. Some days are easy. Some days you feel like you’ve got every man and his dog to thank for something. What this task really has done for me though, is being able to see the things that I am grateful for from me.

Yes, sometimes you look externally because someone has gone above and beyond to help you out, with words, actions, love, whatever. But in the couple of months that I have been doing this day by day, I’ve really come to appreciate me. It is me who is creating this life for me, no one else. People around you enrich it and bring joy and their own special little precense stop your life, but ultimately, you own it. I own my life. If I go to a yoga class, and want to feel grateful for it, yes I can be grateful to the yoga instructor for providing the class, but more so, I should be grateful to ME for going to yoga and doing my body and soul such good from it. I am driving my life, not my yoga instructor, they’re just helping ya out!

There are certainly days when everything seems to have gone wrong, you search through that pouch of thoughts and happenings of the day and you draw a blank. Well, you feel like you’re drawing a blank. It is then that you have to step back and separate yourself from the shitty day and be thankful for the little things, the tiny day to day things like having food in the fridge, or clean air to breathe, a roof over your head. In ways, these shitty days almost become the most significant, because the art of being grateful for the little things is the most important. The things we often take for granted are the things we should be thankful for every single day.

The other part of this task is what I call my ‘WEEKLY POSITIVITY’. I get to write all sorts of shit in there and it usually makes me laugh or feel pretty damn proud of something I have done or achieved. I love the idea and am thankful (where’s my gratitude book, ha!) that this was added to my list because it is changing the way I think every day and every week when I take the moment to write in there. Every couple of weeks I stop and read it, and smile to myself and reflect on all the things I have been grateful for and times I have been proud and feel those warm fuzzies all over again!

Now I want to challenge you. That’s right, I’m not the only one being challenged here…. Do it. Do one yourself! Buy yourself a book that oozes personality for you. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours?


It is definitely a good start for it to be a book you like, that makes you WANT to pick it up and write in it every day! Now, write in it. Literally all it takes is a sentence a day. A handful of minutes doing this instead of scrolling Facebook!

I will share an example out of mine which I have kept simple, and an example which I have elaborated on a bit.

I am grateful for true/old friends who fit in to your life no matter the time or distance.

Fairly simple, you can simplify it more if need be.

Today I am grateful for life. After watching the movie Sully about the plane that landed in the Hudson River, those people who were preparing to be in a plane crash and possibly die, but survived. All of them. It doesn’t take a plane crash to realise that life is a blessing. We’re always lucky to be alive.

Anyone doing this already or now doing it because I bloody well told ya to, let me know! I wanna knoooooow! Please and thank you.

It is the little things that enrich our lives the most and the more I am coming to realise this, the happier and freer I feel.

3 thoughts on “Gr-attitude

  1. Breeza says:

    So i have a happy jar, it sits on the kitchen bench with a little notepad next to it. It starts on January 1 every year and as something happens that makes me feel happy or proud or excited or any one of the numerous wonderful feelings we are capabale of feeling I write it on a note, fold it up and put it in the jar.
    At the end of the year I sit down and read them one at a time for a reminder of the awesome things I did or experienced over the previous twelve months.
    We tend to forget the good things or they blend in to every day life so its great to have a bit of a reminder about the good every now and then.


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