Here I am!

I’ve been working through my 5 week creative writing course, challenge series item number 1, trying to map out 30:thirty list opportunities, and I am a number of things….





Since I began blogging a year or so ago, I’ve written mostly recount stuff, I’d open my mind up, splatter my thoughts out all over it, and spread a little McNerry around. It’s all been fairly easy from my point of view because it has either happened to me, it’s inspired me or I’ve been passionate about something. I am at a point now where I realise just how different creative writing is compared to the oozing of ones thoughts. Which path do I want to go down? Do I develop my blogging? Do I practice my creative writing and see what flares? Do I tackle a different form of writing altogether? FmdmenejalfbrndlslcoekendlLdldbekdlcldlr. No idea. Time will tell. Perhaps I should be sharing some of my creativity with you folk. Good idea! Watch this space.

There is a MASSIVE difference between writing creatively compared to…. ermmm… whatever it is I’m doing! This makes this course all the more of a challenge. The trouble with creative writing is you have to let go a lot, especially in the early stages and just WRITE! Sometimes I spend 30 minutes on a sentence because it doesn’t flow right, only to throw it out! Come at me inspiration!!!

Whilst embarking on this learning journey, I have also started the challenge series. I can only do one thing at a time. I have lost about 5 hours a week to study, and also lost the ability to multitask. I am tired. I am doing what needs doing and it is getting my excellently undivided attention, but it can make for tired days. Especially with all the learning. Thrown in to the mix is also my body going through some pretty dramatic changes. No, no plastic surgery here, I’ll open that can of worms another time. I’m realigning my spine and pelvis with constant chiropractic work, it was pretty wonky, and my body needs uber amounts of rest, on top of all of the brain working and focus! Yawn. It must be bed time?

But on top of all of the above, I am excited. I am working on something that is not only for me, but that I love and enjoy! The importance in life for me is following my (your) heart and doing what is right for me (you, whoever you are) and I couldn’t be happier to know that I am completely where I should be now, because that’s what I’ve chosen! I am taking care of my needs and it feels good!!

So, forgive me if there is plenty of days in between posts from this end, massive work in progress going on here! Plenty more challenges to come and don’t forget why we’re all here…… Plenty more 30:thirty items where that came from too!!!

Chat soon xxx

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