Me, myself and I

Hello, my name is Erin Nicole Barnes, and I am an ageing old man.


I am in Bali.

On my own.

Last night I was sitting in a restaurant eating dinner (as you do) and watching a Balinese lady sing. There may or may not have been a bourbon or 2 involved. There are other lone ageing men here. In fact, more solo men than grouped up folk.

Now I don’t mean to play on a stereotype right now, but there’s so many solo men getting around here, and you just don’t see women doing this. I’m sure there are, but the ratio is drastically out of balance here in Bali.

Hrmmmm. Why?

My purpose for this visit is some necessary me time and to re-zen myself. I’ve chosen Bali for both time and financial budget reasons. I’ve chosen to come alone because only I really know what I need to recentre myself, and right now it’s a bit of space and flexibility!

I’m not going to lie, I am pretty apprehensive about being here on my own. It’s not often that I wine and or dine myself solo. It’s not a naturally comfortable feeling to rock up at a restaurant alone and dine without that social distraction.

So why am I so apprehensive about my flying solo status, when clearly so many ageing men are doing it seemingly easily?

There seems to be a real social stigma around doing things on your own. Who really knows why, who ever really knows half the shit that gets fed to us these days. These men seem to be having a gay old time hanging with themselves, so I’m gonna give it a red hot go too!

Sooooo, truth be told, I am not an ageing Australian man and I am not here to sit in my hotel room eating cup noodles watching Twilight on TV either, (even if I’ve ended up doing this late last night, hey, it’s one night and I’m tired).

These dudes are here for whatever reason they see fit. Good on em. I hope they’re doing whatever makes them happy.

So, chin chin, and here’s to doing what makes MEEEEEE happy.

I have 3 nights and 4 days. I have a series of things to do in that time!

  • Yoga. Yoga yoga and more yoga. It is yoga challenge time and what a perfect backdrop!
  • Massage it up. It’s not many places you can get a massage for the same price you’ll buy a sandwich for in Perth, so why not utilise it! I’ve been here for a total of 5 hours, one pedicure down, 1 scrumptious head massage down. And I’ve staggered myself back to the hotel in a relaxation stupor. Ah the life.
  • Write. Oh so much writing! I have a blog to upkeep (hello readers) and a book to write. Equal time share there. Best get typing!
  • Oh, can’t forget top dog! Waterbom park. It’s on the list. Time to tick it right off! 

I also have every damn intention of stopping where ever I want for a cocktail or 3, first stop being a coronitaat Bubba Gumps! Because that’s become somewhat of a tradition for me to get one wherever the hell I can!

Cheeeeeers. I don’t even care how overpriced this cocktail is. Get in my belleh!!!

The evening storm set in late and loud. Hearing the rain strum down is relaxing and therapeutic. Both reasons why I am here. So on that note, I must sleep. It’s going to be a big day of doing whatever the fuck I want for the next couple days!

Night! Xx

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