Water bomb(in’)

A few months ago I planned a trip to Bali. Hadn’t even known why really, flights were cheap, I can always keep myself amused for a getaway, and well also always manage to fund said getaways.

Time moved on and with it came the big plans for the 30:thirty bucket list! With it came the need to visit Waterbom Park in Bali. Well, isn’t that convenient.

I’m sure it begs the question of why? Of course is does, we’re all a bunch of curious cats. I’ve been to Bali three or four times prior to this trip, each time with an intention of going to Waterbom Park. I’d never made it. Always pretty spectacularly hungover and gave it a miss. ON THE LIST! No excuse now.

I’d love to go on and tell you just how insane these hangovers were, but that’s a post for another day. I know. I’m sorry.

I manage to procrastinate my visit until after midday. That’s ok, I started my day slowly and I can’t walk past Bubba Gumps without stopping for the obligatory Coronaita. Mmmmmmmm….. Beery/Margaritay goodness. Shit, best keep moving. There’s only about 12 steps between me and slide territory now.

I tell you what, an entrance ticket is approx the equivalent of $55 AUD which compared to the prices you’ll pay at Adventure World and the Gold Coast, is pretty-ah-fuckin-good. Cashless payment system? Even better! Everything goes in to a locker and Bob’s ya uncle. Nothing worse than having to revisit said locker hourly for refreshments, or having soggy money in your tits….erm… Bathers.

As I stack my day in to a regular locker, I realise this is no where near as easy as it first seemed…

Everything goes in to the locker.


Thongs (flip flops, whatever).





I didn’t quite expect that a visit to a water park would put me out of my comfort zone at all… I didn’t quiet account for the fact I’d be losing the skirt. I’m not the girl who is very comfortable with my thighs, and here I am about to parade them around Bali’s number 1 tourist spot.

Was I about to re-skirt? Oh hell no! With this thigh exposed realisation came the other one. The realisation that this bucket list wasn’t meant to be a walk in the water park, but a challenge. Here goes….

I treat myself to a Bintang, because ‘thighs out’ and begin exploration mode. I discover the lazy river quick smart and note that this little river is going to be my friend. 

Within a flash I contemplate who drank all of my Bintang? Epic sad face. Best get another, for, erm, relaxation purposes. I am more than a little disappointed to learn you can’t take the Bintang in the lazy river. Boo.

I finally reason with myself around the slides, I don’t know if it is being solo, or the slides that are holding me back, but I do know I’m not allowed another beer until I’ve slid 3 times. Game on.

I wander myself around and keep following my nose. Next thing you know I am climbing the stairs to the apparent ‘best one’. It doesn’t disappoint. It’s one of those little capsule slides that you get in and you get a little countdown and BOOM floor’s gone. You’re off! I’d like to say I approached this slide with much gusto…. *gulp*

Once all the other procrastinators were gone, I had a decision to make… Was I going to chicken shit out and go down to the baby slide below, or suck it up and just slide away.

I slid away.

Good times.

It’s a bloody good park and a bloody good time. I’ve never been a sook on rides and such before and was happy I lost the hesitation after the first drop. The worst any of them gave me was a serious case of the wedgies.

With a few slides under my belt, I guess it was treat o’clock. A swim up bar is a welcome sight and a couple of random Australian’s (who else in Bali right?) strike up conversation. It’s always nice when travelling alone to find someone to converse with.

I must say the place is a great day for anyone. Couples, families, solo travellers alike there is something for everyone. I even spied a Muslim family having a wicked old time, and their cultural get up was all in swimable Lycra! Good on them! It is what you make it and there weren’t too many people not smiling!

Very happy I lost the thigh issue too. So many other things to fuss yourself about than the shape of ones legs, such as whether to rejoin the lazy river again post tube slide…. (The answer is always yes).

I’m not about to start reviewing the slides, that’s up to anyone’s individuality and the ride-up-ability of their swimmers! I recommend going for the slightly tighter option, or possibly go for G string variety, at least then they’re already riding up ones behind anyway!

What did feel great was I’ve put a big fat tick against another bucket list item and the first (and only I think??) international one. That’s 6 complete, 1/5th of the way in! Mathematically, I’m doing well.

24 to go, another planned for early December. Should I go for 3 more before the year is out? I do like a good challenge.

Until then!

Selamat tinggal xx

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