What does December 2015 McNerry have to say?

About a year ago I started my anonymous blog. I have started going back through some of that content for a couple of reasons; I want to see whether my writing has changed; nostalgia; I knew I’d written a post or 2 around New Years resolutions and I wanted to see what end of 2015 McNerry had to say!

Well there were two. And I am going to share them now! Lucky ducks!!


Fill up my cup

Now I’m not one for sticking to New Years resolutions. After many years of attempting the cutting back on alcohol and exercising profusely mumbo jumbo I have learnt a valuable lesson:


I have learnt that I love being social, and love a drink occasionally, I like a lazy pizza day on the couch watching Frozen and other Disney movies. I love holidays and laughing and buying things that are funky. I will exercise, but it is not my life. I do eat healthy a majority of the time but I don’t live by it. I will have alcohol free days but I also will not.

For the first time in forever (see what I did there? I crack myself up) I have realised that I need to resolute to fill up my life! Fill up my cup. I don’t believe in “New Year, New Me” bullshit bullshit. Why not “New Year, Love Me”?

I resolute to be happy when I can, to be ok if I am not, to do things I love, to eliminate things that do not encourage me, to eliminate people who bring me down.

I resolute to be me and love myself for it.

So, on that note these are my resolutions for the year 2016!

Travel somewhere other than my home city once every month this year. Even if only for a night, if it is away from home, it counts!

Learn Spanish.

Learn to massage.

Complete a cake decorating course.

Try stand up paddle boarding.

Spend more time with those who fulfill my life and less time with those that do not.

If I were to deliver this post as a message to others rather than a list of my resolutions, then I would say this:

Be yourself.

Love yourself.

Trust yourself.

Scare yourself.

Do what fills your life with joy.


We only get this life once, live it!


I’ll drink to a resolution that doesn’t involve giving up the wine

Now this is going to sound very Bridget Jones of me, but I just bought myself a 2016 diary. I don’t fucking care how cliché and new year/new me that sounds, I’m happy about it!

I haven’t done this to write my thoughts down day by day, so that makes it very much different from Bridget Jones’ diary. I am simply keeping track. A place to keep goals, ideas, plans, resolutions. A little book of ‘me sanity’ which I hope to maintain throughout the year.

Now as history has it, I will do this for approximately one month and said diary will join the spring clean of September 16. It is though, a goal. A start. God knows I rarely check my iCalendar anyway so maybe if it’s on paper I’ll stop double booking myself in 2016. If that one success happens then undoubtedly I’ll be a less shit friend who has to reschedule stuff all the time!

So on that note, let’s get excited! 2016 is coming and it’s exciting. It’s going to be a good year, and that’s not just because it’s a fresh start. It’s because it is going to be about living what’s right for me and moving myself toward whatever the universe may have in store for me.

Here’s hoping that in a years’ time I am still riding this wave of content and trust with the universe that my journey is OK and on track.

Not to mention that keeping a diary is simply a much fucking easier resolution than giving up or cutting back on the wine! I’ll drink to that!

Wish me luck xx


So there goes. 

I can tell you now, I didn’t learn Spanish (Stu if you’re reading this I know you didn’t learn the bagpipes either! Ha!), although I started and tried and gave up. I haven’t learnt to massage or done a cake decorating course. Haven’t even decorated a cake! Definitely haven’t cut back on the wine and still have an arm made of rubber.

What I have done though, is been absolutely true to myself. I have created a life for myself which I can look at with complete faith that everything in it enriches my life. And kept a diary.

It’s been a roller coaster of a year, as it usually is, but I wouldn’t change a bit of it. I’ve tidied up my house and at the same time cleaned up my life too. 

Oh yeah, and I did stand up paddle board. Fist pump!!

There’ll be the other obligatory New Years resolution post closer to the end, but it was nice to reflect and look back and feel really fucking proud. Yeah mum, fucking.

Now on that note I think I’ll watch a Disney movie xx

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