Hello strangers.

Oh hang on, I’ve been the stranger? My bad! I’ve been dead set exhausted and flat out and am happy to [surprisingly] be slowing down and things are calming down in the lead up to Christmas!

I’ve actually got a stockpile of posts to write in my “Write a post about this” pile but have just either not had the time or energy to do so. The time will come kids, the time will come.

Last week I discovered you can make money from house sitting other people’s pets! How interesting. I decided to give it a go because:

a) I often get puppy or kitty clucky and really don’t want another pet. Perfect! Part time pets!

b) I can start a bonus little 30:thirty fund and use this towards the quite pricey 30:thirty bucket list! Excellent.

Within only a couple of days I had my first enquiry, and after a little meet of kitty, confirmed a booking. Easy as pie!

When the couple came and dropped off the cat, I casually asked them how much time off they’ve got over Christmas to be able to go on back to back trips!

“We work from home, so we can go away whenever.”

Hmmmm. Well. Good for them.

It bought to my attention the long term goal I have of writing for a living and working from wherever the fuck I want. Nice little reminder to get to that ‘to do pile’ of posts. Work on said writing, be more motivated with it, consistent.

Reach my goals.

So one little cat has helped me get on the bandwagon. Well, that and a post about the available 2017 short story competitions available.

Yes, must write indeed.

So on that note, best get to it!


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