Calendar girl

I am guilty of a lot of things.

I drink too much, am loud, over passionate, impatient etcetera, etcetera.

I am also a New Year’s resolutions fraud.

Correction: was. I was a New Year’s resolution fraud. That is until the beauty that was 2016 came to town.

A very large chunk of the statuses, Insta-feeds and tweets (I am so amateur at tweeting but I love saying tweet. Tweet, tweet!) that spammed my social media scrolls on the morning of January 1 2017 were full of tale after tale of the shit of a year that was 2016. Am I, for once, a part of the 1% of something. The 1% of excellent humans that had a ripper of a year?

I’ll take that.

I know I made the claim that I was guilty of failing New Year’s resolutions, and 99% of the time I am, but this year… no, no… last year… last year I made the first realistic resolution for myself. I looked back at the ghosts of resolutions past, and realised one big thing:



I’ve made every cliche’d, stock standard resolution in the book, and preceded it with every fad diet under the sun, only to roll myself back into the the same position almost every single time. Am I defying fate in trying to undo my character? Do I really want to cut wine out for a year? No, no I really do not.

So what was such a success? My big fat winning resolution of 2016?

When I looked at myself and wondered what I’d have to ask of myself that I could really see myself pulling through with, one word came to mind. The same one that fills most of my dreams and desires…


But…. How does one responsible, mortgage paying, full time employed human create a goal out of travel? Simple. Do it more. As I broke it down further I decided to start small. I am not graced with bucketloads of annual leave but am blessed with a work roster that allows me 4-5 days off in a row at a time. Before I knew it the decision was made and I was going to stay somewhere away from my house (or anyone’s house for that matter) at least once every single month. Yes, every single one. Along with that, at least 1 of those would be a big international holiday (I’m talking other hemisphere here), and a few domestic trips around the country. Considering my finances this year,  I decided local hotel stays also counted as long as I didn’t rely on that too much!


2016 looked a little something like this:

Within a week of New Year 2016 I was off on a ferry to Rottnest Island. I little oasis just a short trip away off of Perth’s coast. I walked 20km a day when I got there and washed all that down with a few beers and beach naps. I spent the night over there and I went all on my lonesome. It was liberating, relaxing and oh so peaceful!

It’s not every day your best mate has a birthday, and we don’t do things in halves. A room at Crown Metropol, sneaky cocktails, secret Champagne, gambling, dancing, bloody Mary’s for breakfast and a nice $450 win before lunch the next day. Good times.

On top of this, my immediate family and my awesome Aunty from Sydney made our way to Dunsborough for a weekend. Staying in an epic house, epic beach visits, and epic brewery lunch options, this was an epic time all over. Epic, epic, epic.

One might assume that my bestie and I are somewhat the ladies of leisure, and you wouldn’t be wrong there. This time, a Champagne buffet (not even joking), spider battles, an almost wedding crash, drinking in a tiny pub and pizza deliveries to the Joondalup golf resort. Did not disappoint.

As April rolled in, a couple of others wanted in on the hotel staying action. A girls night at Scarborough’s Rendezvous hotel ended in almost disaster, for them that is, but overall was a good night. We did make a pact that next hotel stay was back to just us though. No space for drama.

It was now time to jet on over to Sydney to visit some relatives and see my cousins little boy turn 1! What a party too! I have never seen so many people at a first birthday party before, it’s the Tongan way. Good times with the family were had.

Exciiiiiiting. Mid month me and a friend leave for the North and find ourselves in Budapest, Hungary. What a place!!! Loved it, I actually wrote about it a while ago on my old blog, so I’ll share it for you! Budapest turned in to Prague and Croatia and before we knew it it was….


“My house in Budapest”

…and we were in Greece! Oh my I have wanted to travel to Greece since my Primary School days, and when I stood on the stone walls of Oia on Santorini Island, and looked over the cliffs and in to the ocean, I felt like a real lifetime bucket list item had been ticked off. Amazing.


My birthday month rolled around and with that, 2 of my favourite people took me for 2 epic nights out within a week… Both at Crown… I felt like part of the furniture, in the best possible way! My best friend and I had a stay filled with bubbles, Aperol Spritz’ and followed by Isika massages and Rockpool lunches. The week prior, my boyfriend took me out for dinner and after some drinks and a punt, he walks me in to the hotel lobby and surprise! Nice work.

Time to get out of Perth again, this time for a ROAD TRIP! Geraldton, Denham, Monkey Mia, Kalbarri and Dongara made up the week long journey and the bucket list items were ticked off aplenty! First holiday as a couple and there was no sign of murder or anger, much laughing and enjoying? Must be a winner.

It seems it’s time for the family to escape yet again! This time we head up and make it to Greenhead. 3 hours or so North of Perth. Checking out caves, beaches, and good quality family time, can’t complain.

Another solo McNerry trip. Deliberately again. This time to Bali. I booked the flights on a whim and jetted off to relax and have some me time, whilst ticking off a bucket list item by visiting Waterbom park!

Quick trips to Bunbury with my other half to, you guessed it, tick another item off! Hello Gnomesille!! We relaxed so much on this trip, it was well overdue and essential. A game of bed-Monopoly (get your mind out of the gutter) also proved no couple murder. This could be a keeper!

What a year!

So why was 2016 so good for me overall?

Don’t get me wrong, 2016 came with it’s hurdles the whole way through but I stopped and looked at myself and asked “What do I want?” And although I may not have got it all, I went looking for it inside me and went at it. I opened up my heart and started following it and didn’t wait for some external force to provide, I asked myself to.

The wander-luster in me is getting many big tastes for it and opening up a world of possibilities for the future, the more I did it, the more I wanted (read: needed) more!

I wonder what 2017 will bring and where it will take me?

I am deciding those very things right now, but let’s just leave the word ‘Vegas’ right here and see where that goes. Oooooh maybe New Caledonia too. Yes, good one. Anyway, watch this space. I reckon it’s going to look pretty damn good!

Can’t wait xxx

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