Going gnomewhere

Let me paint you a picture of a month or so ago….

It’s a dreary old day down at the entrance to Western Australia’s south west. It’s a rainy old day outside the car, and a sooky old day inside. 2 sick little munchkins are on the search for a village of little people. Motivation levels are low.

Last month we booked a couple of night stay down in Bunbury, the main intention being a big fat tick off the bucket list. Another of the 30:thirty down. The other intentions being relaxation, getting away, and well, because we can.

After a weekend of ballet, boozing and baking, we headed for Bunbury. A getaway. A couple of hour south of Perth escape from, well, Perth. An escape from the daily grind of housework, social expectations and life as you know it. Much needed. The busy weekend had taken its toll.

To be honest, when we first got there, I was so over the sickness and fatigue, I couldn’t have given a fuck or two whether I achieved the bucket list item or not. Attitude central. Sheesh. Thankfully, if I am incapable of being accountable to myself and my goals, the man sitting next to me most certainly pushes me. It was time to find the village of the gnomes.


Some West Australians don’t even know this place exists, let alone those coming from a little further. It is hard to believe that some strange person (or people) would actually start a little village of gnomes, and that it would grow and grow and grow until there are gnomes to the left of you, gnomes to the right, and there you are, stuck in the middle with (you guessed it) gnomes. For some (hello Shelley hehe) this may be a terrifying idea. Others, intriguing. This is why it went on the list, another one of those places I had meant to visit trip after trip south and was too tired (read: hungover) to stop and check it out.

Now, it is time. Gnome more holding back.

Enter: Gnomesville.

The idea of this place is to come prepared with a gnome to add to the town. So here we were, all sick and tired on the drive, two gnomes in tow.



I was prepared for a few hundred gnomes to be haphazardly placed around. What I didn’t expect, THOUSANDS of gnomes. The little gnome houses, and shelters, and family zones, and school classes who have placed their gnomes with banners, and actual little shelters for them (heaven forbid they get wet…) This place really is a sight to see.


The village stretches on for hundreds of metres until eventually they start thinning out and the outskirts of the village return to normal human life. However, your normal human life will never be the same again, because this gnome man’s land actually exists.




Enter a caption


The story of Gnomesville


So, how does one get to said Gnomesville?

It’s a part of the Ferguson Valley, a town called Wellington Mill, about 30 minutes drive inland from Bunbury. Google maps will get you all the way there, the website can help you out too (Visit their website here). You will arrive and at first wonder “what the hell are you on about Google maps”, as we have all yelled at Google maps at one time or another, but as you turn through the final round-a-bout, those few coloured speckles ahead are indeed the beginnings of some speckles of heads (gnome heads). Park your car wherever you fancy, and be prepared to get some red feet! Just keep walking, as you look over the gully that becomes Gnomesville, you will literally be in awe of how nuts this little village is. Worth the visit though!

If you are without a car, hit up some tours which take you out to Ferguson Valley! There is a wine tour which may take you past there, again, Google is your friend (and so is wine).

If you do decide to visit, I can almost guarantee your twin gnome will already be there. Get original, paint your own, there are not many places that sell gnomes, it is basically a town of 1000 identical gnomes (maybe a minor exaggeration).

Another bucket list item ticket off during December, and that makes 2 of the 3 which are meant to round out 2016. Relatively easy one, and despite our grumpy little man flu moods, it was a pretty great little stop.




Catch ya later gnomies.




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