A decade of ticks

I sat down today and started having a really good think about how I wanted to celebrate my actual birthday. I know I am well and truly in to my 30th birth year celebrations (ie the thirty before thirty bucket list), but how should I really roll in to my thirties?

“Doesn’t matter, you’ve still got plenty of time to figure out what you want to do” says a friend. Hrmm, well as we sat and did the maths over a glass of Malbec, I realised in a few days time, there were only 6 months to go before that fateful day is to occur.
I am only a week out from the half time point of this 30:thirty adventure. This means a couple of things:

  • I should be relatively close to half way through the list.
  • I am almost half a year closer to turning 30.
  • Holy shit, where have the last 6 months gone?

Looking back it’s been a pretty great ride. I have already achieved some incredible things and I couldn’t be prouder and happier. But it’s time to up the ante and really get this list smashed out. Less challenge series sidetracks and sail boat freak outs, and more good, hard solid ticks off the list!

Seeing as I am completely a goals oriented person, I guess I best set some big fat goals around this big fat list!

First, let’s review what I’ve been up to so far (click the links to read):

1. Went stand up paddle boarding

2. Skinny dipped in public

3. Played (and kicked ass at) archery

4. Munched on crickets

5. Completed a creative writing course

6. Went to Waterbom Park in Bali

7. Did the Fremantle Prison Tunnels tour

8. Visited Gnomesville

9. Abseiled through my acrophobia

10. Choked on sea urchin

Busy few months so far, but not quite busy enough. I’m staring down the barrel of 10 ticks and that’s only a third of the way there! If there’s one thing I know about mathematics, it is that that does not quite equate. I must work harder at this!

On top of the 10 ticks, I’ve got a few in progress that I should really start putting some dead set focus in to, and really get the momentum going on the lead up to August 13.

We are already one week in to February, and the goal has now been set…


…That will have me sitting quite comfortable.

Alright folks, I best get knitting.

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