What is love?

Several weeks ago I was asked to contribute to my parents 30 year wedding anniversary renewal ceremony! 

Not only was the renewal top secret, so were my words!

I didn’t quite know what to say on that night, but knew I wanted to say a speech different to what is normally heard. Not because I don’t have those amazing things to say about my parents, but because I have said them as much as I could for the past 30 years when I told them I loved them.

So instead, I mused on love.

Now that the surprises are over, I want to share my view on love.

What is love?

No two people would ever answer this question the same way.

To me, love is many things.

It is acceptance, compromise.

Love is gratitude for the simple things.

Fulfilling your needs in order to help your mate fulfil theirs.

Love is almost never simple, it is a barrel of every emotion, for if you don’t feel the lower of these emotions, you will struggle to know what the great ones truly are.

You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly, and by first loving yourself for the beautifully imperfect being you are.

I have spent my lifetime full of love, in all of its varied glory. I have been shown to love by living in a glowing loving household, and taught to love by the greatest teachers of them all, my mum and dad. 

Happy Anniversary.

As I wrote this, and shared it, I felt it was simple. I almost tried to say more. But love is simple.

Beautifully simple. 

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