I am the lady.

As January disappeared in a magical cloud of dust, I realised I’d better get moving with these bucket list ticks. I made the big call late in the month that February’s goal would be 3 big ticks. It was time to annihilate this list and glide in to my thirties with a nice comfortable achievement.


3 ticks hey?

Where do I even start?

I got out the list and skimmed it with much apprehension. Shit! A lot of these things require a lot of work and aren’t just quick gratifications. The challenge of the list was starting to weigh down on my shoulders.

Knowing the purpose of the list was not to stress, but to achieve, I went organisationally crazy and got preparing.

The first big tick (oooooh yeeeeeah) of February came late in the piece and coincided with Valentine’s Day eve. Awwww. It was one of the easiest ones on the list and I may curse myself later for not saving it up, but hey, I needed a quick hit and it has to get done sometime.

The list item is officially titled, ‘TV embrace’. Think Ben Lee and his excellent song Cigarettes will kill you. This was placed on the list by a dear friend and it came as no surprise that his came with a unique creativity. For those that aren’t entirely sure of what a TV embrace may be, we changed up the words to read: recreate a famous love scene. The original suggestion was that awkward moment when Mary Jane pulls down Spider-Man’s mask whilst he is hanging upside down from his web, and they kiss. I spent a lot of time looking for Spider-Man masks with the intention of following that idea. As time went by I decided though, that this was an easy enough tick and I should really try and find something else, at least attempt to.

Some of my favourite ideas included the IKEA scene in 500 days of summer, where Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt galavant around IKEA as though it were their romantic home. I vetoed that myself because: a) I actually haven’t seen the movie; b) it would’ve involved someone tagging along as photographer and; c) IKEA is a trap and I cannot walk through those doors without spending upwards of $200.

The most hilarious, but still vetoed, idea was as Sally, yes, from When Harry met Sally. This would’ve also involved an extra person to help video, and unfortunetely wouldn’t have been able to be done in 1 take, losing the effect of the incredible ‘Orgasm’ scene. I’d like to say I would’ve had the guts to go ahead with such a feat, but will have to find that out another time. Too hard basket.

I can’t take complete credit for the scene that was recreated, it was an idea from someone at work, but it sat with me in the best kind of way and I just ran with it. I loved it because: a) it is Disney; b) it is fairly simple and; c) a tripod and some food was all we needed to recreate this one!

A bowl of pasta to be exact.

Now if you can forgive our lack of canine like features, I hope you can appreciate this one!

I’ll take the title of lady in this one. Lady and the tramp! I’m going to say we nailed it!



And if you can’t have a little fun with this one, then there’s something wrong!



So much fun, lots of great pictures, and a cat that clearly thought it was for her! Maybe she’s seen the movie and thought they were recreating the cat version?

The most frustrating part of the photo shoot was having to get up to hit the timer for every single photo. I was the one who had to get up every time too! Unfair! Maybe the photographer idea wouldn’t have been to bad after all? Hindsight, eh?


“Hang on, I ordered 1 lady?”

The bubbles being close by was super handy for obligatory tick success celebrations!



Only 2 more to go for February and I’m laughin’.

Wish me luck!

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