You’re off to great places.
Today is your day.
Your mountain is waiting.
So get on your way!
Quote by Dr Seuss – Oh the Places you’ll go.

I am sitting on a 50 something seater coach that’s headed to Australia’s South West from Perth. I have sat on many similar journeys whilst travelling overseas and it’s been normal to spend $50 give or take on a one way ticket. I scoffed at the price of this one though. I don’t know why. It felt weird initially, catching a bus in my own state when I own a car and am more than capable and able bodied to take the journey behind the wheel. I’ve gone for this option for a couple of reasons. I am post night shift, driving was a scary feat on my own with the fatigue factor, and this way I could snuggle myself in to a neck pillow and have a mediocre nap the whole way. It also gave my legs a rest. I am going to need to keep all the power I’ve got in those bad girls for what I am about to do.

Off she goes!

Curious yet?

Yes, I am off to tick something off the bucket list. Well, start to! It’s one of the big ones. This one will soak up many many hours of my time, pennies in my pocket, and physical energy and endurance.

I’m off to face the Cape to Cape track – the iconic walk, a varied pathway between Cape Leewin and Cape Naturaliste. It’s the gateway to the Margaret River region. If you were to look at a map of Australia, it’s the smallish kick out of the South West.

135 kilometres.
84 miles.
2 legs.
Who knows how much time.

I am tackling this adventure in a different way than initially expected. With all of the other trips going on around the place and little trips here and there, I am both poor of time and annual leave to slot this in in one go. I am heading down in ‘bits’ to complete the track in chunks. It’s the only way I can achieve this realistically without doing so in the heart of the very wet winter down there.

I’ve come armed with the bible – The Cape to Cape track guidebook with the tips, tricks, maps and warnings. They put the fear of death in to you and I am not going to lie, I am scared shitless about this feat. There are areas of no signal, lacking shade, difficulty in finding the track in places, beach sand walks, rock walks, isolation, etc, etc, etc. I feel like starting in April makes the wildlife factor a little less worrying, but I don’t need to go in to explaining why snakes, spiders, killer kangaroos and caterpillars are daunting. They should mostly be away for the spring though. This is what I am telling myself anyway.

Clinging to the guidebook for dear life

Although it is scary, it is also incredibly exciting. I have to be smart, prepared and open minded in such an adventure, especially one that I am determined to complete on my own. Numero uno. Just me. There is something about the solitary of it and the magnitude of the achievement that makes me feel like this is going to be life changing. The whole 30:thirty list is life changing I suppose, but to walk 135kms in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and hobble away from it a little wiser, a little more comfortable with my own company and probably with some pretty killer but tight leg muscles, is pretty awesome. I am proud of myself for sitting myself on a bus and squeezing in just enough time to get started.

It’s all got to start somewhere and I was keen to get the ball rolling. I can only manage one night stay and therefore am limited with bus times and sunlight. I want to have this completely ticked off by the end of May and so if it takes me 5 mini trips – so be it. I’d like to do it in 3.

This time? My goal is to get from the Cape Naturaliste lighthouse – the northern starting point – to Yallingup on day one, this afternoon (14kms). And tomorrow if I can make another 13 to get me to the 20% mark of the feat, that would be great, but I have sunrise, bus timetables and other sorts of battles in the way. I leave mid morning tomorrow. I’m making the goal 20 kilometres total just to keep it realistic.

It may be small, but every step is a hell of a lot further from the end than a step not taken.

Wish me luck! Xx

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