Hello world, this is me.


A shit one.

My name is Erin and I am a shit poet.

I am writing my bio on an iPhone 5 with a screen that has been shattered in to at least 73 pieces. It is a mammoth effort that this be free from spelling errors for that very reason (excuse the glass shards in my index finger).

Who am I?

Excellent question.


In lieu of a physical description of myself, I shall include a photograph. This is, of course, assuming that anyone other than people who know me end up reading this. Hello kind strangers!


I could be described as many things (just don’t ask my ex-boyfriends, definitely not my ex-husband). Outgoing, loud, compassionate, social, emotional, free-spirited, traveller, lover of Disney, lover of the West Coast Eagles, spiritual, expressive, animated, driven, honest, reliable and funny. To name a few, I feel very put on the spot. Watch that trumpet blow! I feel like I’m writing a fucking resume.

I am an absolute realist too, so with that excellent list of excellence, comes the shitty mcShit list of the not so great shittiness; warrior (read: worrier), loud (yes it goes both ways), stubborn (thanks mum), great ability to spend money, control freak, reckless… I’m sure this one goes on a lot further too. Seeing things as less than desirable is not going to get me anywhere though is it. I embrace me, all aspects of me. You take the lists together.

I own two cats. Why two? Well, two, because it is not enough to qualify me for cat lady status, and two, because first cat, Katniss, AKA Big Cat, was the most fucking psycho kitten you’ve even darn seen. She needed a friend. Enter, Baloo, AKA Tinkerbell, AKA the Grey cat. They are both little characters, cute, yes. Annoying, yes. Loud, yes. Tidy, no. Calm, no. They are crazy little cats, but that’s OK, because, well, I’m pretty crazy myself.

Yes, I am pretty crazy. Except, I prefer to see it as unique. Or as I have once been described by someone special in my life “One in 7 billion”… I’ll take that. Beats being the norm. What is the norm anyway? Exactly.

I hope you enjoy my words.

I hope you tell me what you think of my ‘work’.

I hope at least one person gets some form of inspiration from something I do. The I will see this as mission accomplished.

There’s plenty more to learn about me. I have got 11 months and the rest of my life to continue that introduction!